The Midas Protocol

The Midas Protocol is a science fiction thriller series currently in revision. It has always been a dream of mine to write a science fiction novel and this is my humble attempt to do so.  

The story focuses on Hank Raglan, a young man in his 20s. He is working his way up the corporate ladder at Unalco, a Pittsburgh-based metals company. He becomes the unwitting pawn in a conspiracy to control the Gold Box, an otherworldly technological device created in 1983 by Unalco co-founder Larry Bingham, shortly before he was murdered for it. 

The Gold Box represents the realization of the dream of ancient alchemists. It can manipulate matter and access the extra dimensions of space and time. Larry Bingham built the device under the careful appraisal of the Watcher, an alien assigned to judge man's technological progress. If the Gold Box proved successful, mankind would be welcomed into a wider Universe abundant with intelligent life and pan-galactic civilizations.   

The first book opens in 1990. Hank Raglan is mired in a love triangle between the lovely Addison Moore and the avaricious Jack Barons. Meanwhile, grungy college student Caroline Friday is the younger sister of Hank's best friend. An aspiring journalist, Caroline is leading an investigation into the murder of Lawrence Bingham as part of an innocence project at Point Park University. She believes the two men convicted of murdering Larry Bingham in 1983 were innocent. She soon discovers that Hank Raglan, who has become the protegee of Tony Laporte, Larry Bingham's co-founding partner at Unalco, could be in extreme danger.

Realizing that he is losing his grip on Unalco, Tony Laporte unwittingly sends Hank Raglan to deliver another version of Bingham's Gold Box to a contact in the Middle East. Little does he realize that this immediately puts Hank in the cross hairs of the Majestic 12, a secretive organization bent on controlling Larry's device for its own nefarious purposes, and V'aan T'aal, a ruthless alien mercenary at the employ of MJ-12, who harbors his own sinister agenda.         

The story is intended to unfold over three books the first of which is currently undergoing revision. Parts two and three are partially drafted.  Please sign up below for periodic updates on the progress of the books.