The Midas Protocol - Book 1

When industrialist and theoretical physician Dr. Lawrence J. Bingham is murdered in 1983, his otherworldly invention, the Gold Box, disappears. Six years later, Hank Raglan is a young materials science researcher at Unalco, a company co-founded by the late Dr. Bingham. Recognizing Hank’s considerable talent, Dr. Bingham’s close friend, Tony Laporte, begins to take Hank under his wing. Hank discovers the late Dr. Bingham’s research on the Gold Box. Meanwhile, journalism undergrad Caroline Friday is Hank’s best friend’s younger sister. Her investigative reporting team is re-examining the strange circumstances surrounding the murder of Dr. Bingham. As she begins to put the pieces together, she realizes that Hank Raglan could find himself in the crosshairs of a powerful clandestine organization that will stop at nothing to secure Dr. Bingham’s technology.