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The Sequel Saga: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Writing Book Two

As I revise my draft of "The Sirens of Chronos: Midas Files Book Two," I find myself reflecting on "The Midas Protocol: Midas Files Book One." Truth be told, I've forgotten many of the intricate details I weaved into the first story. While I h...
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How often should you blog?

How Often Should a Small or Medium-Sized Business Blog? Consistency is Key: It's important to maintain a consistent blogging schedule, whether that's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 
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Defining the Roles of Reviewers for QMS Documentation

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are the backbone of process-oriented industries, ensuring consistent quality and continuous improvement. A critical aspect of QMS is the documentation that outlines processes, procedures, and responsibilities. ...
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Scratch Writing Simple Style: A Quick and Easy Guide for Your Organizational Documentation

Welcome to 'Scratch Writing Simple Style,' the no-nonsense  easy guide to creating straightforward and effective organizational documentation. If you're tired of wading through overly complex style guides that leave you more confused than when...