An overarching theme in the Midas Protocol is the desire to control one’s destiny sometimes at the sacrifice of cosmic callings, which potentially have far more impact upon the Universe.

Case in point is Hank Raglan. Fate is putting him into a position of massive importance, yet Hank frets about the small things in life and what he actually has control over.

This theme is present in other character motivations as well. Caroline Friday desires nothing more than to make a name for herself, while along the way, participating and unraveling conspiracies that could potentially change the world order.

Jack Barons, Hank’s arrogant rival, is similar. He wants to escape his father’s shadow an in doing so becomes a tool in securing the most powerful device ever constructed by man as means to an egotistical end.

We can look at these themes from several angles. Humans are petty by nature is one way. Ultimately, we shy away from great deeds because they require work and though a great task is foisted upon us, we prefer something we define and control. Another way to look at this is that human’s are magnanimous unique creatures and the ability to control our fate is part and parcel of what makes and directs an evolving Universe and therefore what we can control at the individual level is the supreme contribution we can make to a system that is greater than any one single part.

On the darker side is the theme that despite the power of a device that could forever alter the course of humanity, nothing is bigger than then the egotistical narcissistic mind. Everything is of secondary importance to that foul creature. In the presence of those, we must take extreme precaution.