When Unalco researcher Dr. Lawrence Bingham is murdered in 1983, his Gold Box, a device that stands to change mankind’s place in the Universe, disappears. Little does Hank Raglan, a young materials engineer, realize this event will forever alter his fate. Hank impresses Tony Laporte, a lifelong friend of the late Dr. Bingham’s, by continuing the advanced metals research left unfinished by Dr. Bingham. 

Despite a formidable rival in Jack Barons, Hank enjoys meteoric success under Laporte, who sees Hank as a second coming of Dr. Bingham, and wins the hand of the lovely Addison Moore too. However, all that glitters is not gold.  

College student Caroline Friday, Hank’s childhood friend, leads an Innocence project to free the two men convicted of the Bingham murder. Caroline uncovers a corrupt ex-cop, mafia connections, UFO reports, and a trail of deceit that stretches all the way from Unalco to the darkest, power corridors of Washington. She learns that Hank could be in the cross-hairs of the Majestic 12, a shadowy cabal led by the nefarious Dr. Malcolm Kane, and his ruthless killer for hire, Mortimer Vanterpool, and it could be too late to save him.