Finally, you made it here. What the heck took you so long? Okay. I know. I am not exactly a household name—am I? Who is the man behind this site and stories it proffers to weave and schlep?

I am Matt De Reno, a sci-fi fiction writer. This site, Scratch Writing, is my authorial platform and a publishing platform should I choose to go Indie all the way. It might also be a friendly beacon to alien races far beyond our current state of communications technology too-but I can’t prove that. I can prove that you will find information about my science fiction series, The Midas Protocol, right here, on these web pages.

The Midas Protocol is science-fiction, but it is character driven sci-fi, which is what I love to write. Characters, I have always believed, make a great story. Book 1 of the Midas Protocol is in final revision and in need of a publishing solution.

The story has its beginning in the mind of an eight-year-old child who grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Yes, that would be me—my younger version. That eight-year-old is now 41-light years away, and if aliens are watching us from that cosmic distance they will be seeing a kid with big dreams coming right back at them.

Till this day, I recall writing a brief introduction to a story in first grade. My hero was a knight in shining armor and he was named after a brand of blue jeans, I think, Sergio Valente. Perhaps then he was really a knight in stretch denim? I recall writing a few opening paragraphs with my hero Sergio Valente. It was 1979 and I was 8—so what did I know about story? I had no idea how cornball it would be to name my hero after a label on a pair of blue jeans—a name that clung to a woman’s shapely denim butt. But, I did. The name had a certain ring to it and I liked it and that should be good enough-right?

Some years later, I would fall in love with books. In particular, The Count of Monte Cristo, the unforgettable tale of swashbuckling, cunning, romance, and adventure by the master Alexandre Dumas, left a mark on me like a swiping sword. This book certainly inspired the general plot structure of the Midas Protocol Epic. But, alas, The Midas Protocol evolved, and I put my own spin on it.

As a teen, I gobbled up Stephen King stories. One of my childhood friends still recalls how after I give him a copy of King’s Different Seasons (when we were teens in 1985) and told him to read the story, Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption, because I told him it will be a big movie one day; that it indeed become a big deal in 1994. In that same year, a senior in college at Wheeling Jesuit University, decided to go back to that young eight-year-old boy, and tell him to write stories for a living.

That child is now 40-light years removed from me today, but I think he got the message. I am committed to writing.

I almost lost my inspiration but lucky for me that I have a time machine where I can go back to that imaginative child who was eight and writing about knights named after denim jean labels and whisper into his ear, that his destiny is tell stories too. I told him, You will write stories—or die trying young Matt! This time that child turns his head and feels the call. And time has changed.

Today I am writing The Midas Protocol series and the first book is ready for reading.

As a historical footnote, The Midas Protocol started out as pure thriller, but I was inspired by how bad The Twilight vampire movies were and figured what the heck, let’s add some vampires to my story. But, my vampire, Mortimer Vanterpool, soon morphed into an alien, that exhibits vampire-like behavior, but is still an alien, an Anunnaki alien to be precise.

Of course, the X-Files and adventure movies like Raiders of The Lost Ark, Star Wars, Aliens, have long captured my imagination too. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t doff my cap to many of the writers that do it so well and serve as my inspiration besides Stephen King, such as Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler and a bunch of others.

It is my humble goal to ascend one day to similar ranks and end up on another writer’s site and mentioned as their source of inspiration. It is how I plan to travel in time and pay it backward, much like I had sent that message back in time to that eight-year-old boy.

One long day into the future when we are condensed into a black hole, I hope you get squished infinitesimally small between the words of the stories that you read from me and can find solace in this great big scary and beautiful Universe in which we live—and remember it is all an adventure—one big giant thriller adventure—and that your name in this Universe could be but a designer label on the undulating denim backside of a model who lives in a different part and time of our Universe—but one where story captures the imagination of the child that forever live inside us.

Welcome child to the world of the Midas Protocol.