IBMers work where ideas are intended to make a true impact on the world. From developing cognitive next-generation software that improves healthcare to engineering cognitive cloud web services, IBM continues to improve the future.  At IBM, Matt produced both creative and technical writing. Below are highlights of each.

Creative Writing

The following work sample contains images of product detail pages Matt was hired to write in early 2017. Matt produced around 50 product pages in all (as of this update). The portfolio highlights 10 of those product pages.  

There are a few rare times when you work with someone who “just gets it,” who has the right expertise for the job, who is able to autonomously handle all the little blockers that pop-up and progress a project towards its stated objectives. They do so easily, and with professionalism. They have a great attitude, and are reliable—moreover, their work achieves results.

Matt DeReno is such a person, and he has been making my life easier and consistently producing quality PDP
pages since coming onboard the IBM Catalog Squad in Q1.
— Kevin M, IBM Content Strategist

Technical Writing

From 2011 until 2017, Matt worked primarily as as an information developer for the IBM Watson Explorer software engineering team in Pittsburgh. His focus as a technical writer was working within the IBM Watson Explorer development team to produce IBM Watson connector documentation.

Connectors are the programmatic mechanisms that IBM Watson Explorer requires to integrate with common ECM, PLM and enterprise class CMS systems such as Alfresco, Salesforce, Sharepoint, MDM solutions and many more. Matt wrote over 20 connectivity guides including one connectivity SDK, which explained to software engineers how to write their own connectors to integrate IBM Watson Explorer Engine into their enterprise systems. Here are a few samples:

IBM Watson Connector SDK

IBM Watson Salesforce Connector