Pittsburgh dataworks

Pittsburgh Dataworks is a consortium of Pittsburgh-based companies, universities, economic development organizations and local government coming together to help establish Pittsburgh as a “Big Data Savvy” city – enabled to participate in the economic opportunities created by the growth in big data applications and technologies. 

The following work sample contains images of blog postings, digital artwork, and other promotional content Matt produced for Pittsburgh Dataworks between 2014 and 2017.  

“I’ve found Matt to be a rare combination of technical knowledge combined with a strong ability to use social media to truly ‘engage’ audiences. That means the difference between simply posting an article on Twitter or Facebook to actually positioning it so people can relate to it and find it interesting enough to take action: like, re-tweet, favorite.

Even for topics related to big data and Watson, Matt has the ability to make unique pop culture connections and references that are popular in social media.

Under Matt’s leadership Dataworks’ website and social media presence both have seen significant improvement.

Matt has strong skills in a variety of areas going from creating an engaging tweet to writing a detailed blog post to creating and editing videos and graphics. He has done all this and more for Pittsburgh Dataworks.
— Saman Haqqi, Pittsburgh Dataworks president and IBM Watson Talent Director