Writing Productivity Essentials: establishing a routine, schedule

Matt De Reno| August 21, 2019

I need to be more productive, that is for sure. There is no way the entire Midas Protocol series will write itself, while I sip coffee in the morning and think about the rest of the story. I need to quiet my mind, quit thinking, and start doing. Most of all, I need to be mindful.

I need to stay focused on the task at hand in the context at large. Moreover, when it is writing time, I have to choose to write. I have to commit to write, and I cannot be distracted.

For me, writing includes a karma component too. After all, writing is cause and effect. I must choose writing actions, such as sitting down at the computer and physically writing. Those writing actions have an effect—more words on the screen.

My imaginary Karma Chameleon.

My imaginary Karma Chameleon.

Scheduling and mindfulness

As of late I have tried to adhere to the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra of which the Law of Karma is one. These simple little daily rules—one for each day of the week—help me to stay “present”.

When I stay present I am able to focus on the task at hand. So when I am in the context of writing during my writing schedule, I choose to write. When I am not in the writing context, I chose not to write. But, what I am really trying to achieve with a writing schedule?

My writing schedule—any schedule for that matter—is a simply a reminder to be present in the moment in a particular context such as writing. This is a key point for me to remember.

As a creative type, since I am constantly thinking, imagining, iterating, and dreaming, sometimes focusing on executing a task can be tough. Remembering karma, I am reminded that I must choose to do it.

Karma Karma Karma Chameleon

In regards to the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Tuesday is day to be mindful of the Law of Karma, and that what I choose to focus on today will have a direct result, somehow, someway, positive or negative—on my book series.

In that spirit, I chose today to focus on establishing a writing schedule that works for me. This writing schedule needs to accomplish two things—1) support productivity, and 2) enable me to have more time later in the day to do other types of stuff. Other types of stuff? You know, like cutting the grass, making dinner, and cleaning the writing dojo.

When I think about karma in this sense, it means that I need to make choices. Choices are decisions and sometimes we don’t know what is the best choice to make. Following the Law of Karma, one should be guided by the heart in making decisions. This does not mean I only do that on Tuesday, rather that Tuesday is a reminder to think about the principle of karma, and that I should be doing it every day.

I have a little trick to remember this Tuesday law. I imagine that the laundry room in my house is the Tuesday Room and in it I can visualize a multiple choice test and an answer key is right next to it. The answer key is simple: It is a big floating red heart.

The visual image reminds me that the heart should guide all the choices I make—it tells the correct answers to all the multiple choice questions. If have to a, b, or c, the one that rings true to the heart is the correct answer.

The Need To Remember Mindfulness

When I am in the writing hour of my writing schedule, mindfulness is my magnifying glass.

When I am in the writing hour of my writing schedule, mindfulness is my magnifying glass.

Importance of A Writing Schedule

I believe I have my schedule set up for such. It will be up at 5:30 am each morning.

This schedule provides several hours until I need to do the kind of writing that pays the bills. Then the middle of the day is mostly work. The evening, somewhere from 6 PM to 10 PM will be workout/dinner. During the workout I will read or watch stories to better help my craft. In the end, writing is a matter of making choices and putting those choices on a schedule—and following your heart as you do so.