Netflix's 'The Family' - Portrays a religious cabal within the U.S. Government

By Matt De Reno

I stayed up late night and binge watched the entire docuseries ‘The Family’ on Netflix. At first I thought it would simply be a good series to put on as I struggled with a chest cold and aimed to drift of to a sleep on the family room coach. But, I was captivated. This documentary painted a picture of a silent cabal, referred to as The Family and or The Fellowship, existing within our U.S. Government. What a second—is this just another conspiracy theory?

Now, I for one, come at this from the angle of a writer. I am always on the lookout for good old-fashioned cabal material, since that sort of thing makes for good thriller novels. Doesn’t mean I believe them at all. I certainly don’t want to peddle in them. But, I will absolutely borrow from them—as a writer of creative fiction. I will also weigh in if I think some of what was presented is worth commenting on. In this documentary, this much to comment on.

Before I delve into the inner workings of the ‘The Family’ I will state that this documentary solved a question for me that I long wondered about when it came to the religious right—in particular Evangelical Christians. You see, I like to keep it the way the Founding Fathers drew it up—separation of Church and State. That doesn’t mean I am not religious.

I am Catholic by denomination and was raised that way. Some might say I am nominal in my religion, some might even say I am skeptical about it—God knows there has been much in the recent history of the Church to be skeptical and critical about. That being said, I never understood how conservative Christians could support Donald Trump. Trump seems like the most un-religious, secular—to the point of vulgarity—President we have ever had. The Ten Commandments? Seems such a tablet would be a joke in his world. But, The Family documentary, explained something that was very insightful and I think I see it now.

To Evangelicals, The Family documentary would argue that Trump has been “chosen” to do the Lord’s work and the Lord does not choose perfect vessels for his perfect work. Okay? That insight seems to ring very true about how the conservative Evangelical white Christians, essentially give The Donald a pass on morality. He has been chosen as a strong vessel to lead the sheep. They make reference to the Wolf King in the series. Trump is not a sheep, like all of us, but rather a vicious strong Wolf who will do the Lord’s bidding.

There are a couple creepy re-enactment scenes were an older member of The Family asks several students that live in a place called The Cedars, about morality. To paraphrase, the man asks one young man what would others think of him if he had raped three young girls. The student, or brother, said that he would be viewed as a bad person. The elder essentially said it is not for him to judge. God chooses imperfect people for his perfect work.

That is the insight where I can now see Trump gets his morality pass from these conservative Christian types. If that is the case, then that is some serious scary stuff.

In the Midas Protocol, I focus on a shadowy Cabal, that right now, pales in comparison to the breadth of ‘The Family’. Heck, my cabal merely wants to maintain control over a device that could usher in a new era for humanity. The Fellowship is a cabal that wants to control the salvation of souls. I need to up my shadowy cabal game.

Right now, that is okay, because my shadowy Cabal will come into sharper focus in the second book of the Midas Protocol series and learned a thing or two about realistic mechanics of how a shadowy cabal operates. I now have a model from which to work. Perhaps my mastermind villain, Malcolm Kane, takes on the role of a man like the long time leader of The Fellowship, Douglas Coe, who died in 2017.

Douglas Coe has conversed with every President, according to the documentary, from Eisenhower to Trump, before passing away in 2017. The key event that brings this religious cabal its influence, according to the documentary, is annual The National Prayer Breakfast, which all Presidents since Truman have participated in, which was started by Coe.

Here everyone prays together and the one idol that is held above all partisan beliefs is the belief in the Christian conservative. Heck, they whittled down the bible to essential readings that followers can simply focus upon. On another note, the documentary offers up another insight about Russia and why Trump seems to have this love affair with all things Russia.

The documentary doesn’t get into all the details, but now we see that not only is The Family or Fellowship above partisan politics is above ideological ones too. The one higher calling for both Russia and the U.S. is God.

I will end this by saying that on some level, having something in common with ideological foes isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, when the power of those commonalities is concentrated in a select few, who make decisions based on a higher power, without the consent of a democracy, then I must humbly go back to that separation of Church and State part that our founding fathers found so handy.