To name a book series

By Matt De Reno

I am now wrestling with what to name the Midas Protocol series, which is the most redundant thing I have stated yet in any of my blog posts to date. Let me explain.

I love the name The Midas Protocol, for the series. It is also the title of the first book in the series, which presents some problems. Consider: The Midas Protocol Book 1: The Midas Protocol. That’s a lot of Midas Protocol.

I have been using the name the Midas Protocol since around 2012. Granted, I finally started getting serious about finishing the Midas Protocol in 2016. If we are getting technical, I wrote an outline to what would become the Midas Protocol in 1996. It is this document that inspired me to write the actual story in 2016.

I am muddying the issue. The question at hand is what to call the series? The Midas Protocol or perhaps something else? Maybe it should be The Gold Box series or The Hank Raglan series. I could do something like the construction used in Harry Potter and the X. Moreover, I could do something like Indiana Jones and the X. Using that construction, I could go with Hank Raglan and The Midas Protocol. Hank Raglan ad the X. Clive Cussler has his Dirk Pitt novels. So, I could call it The Midas Protocol, a Hank Raglan novel.

I posted the question on Twitter and got some good feedback. One writer suggested to use the MC (main character name) and avoid using the first title of the book as the series name, which may cause confusion as to what I am referring to when discussing the series or the book.

Recall that the first Indian Jones movie was simply Raiders of The Lost Ark. Then, as it more came out, it became Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. The first Star Wars movie was Star Wars. Later it was given a subtitle as Episode V: The New Hope. So there are number of ways to go with naming the series. I think to a certain extent, I have to keep the big picture in mind. What do I imagine for the Midas Protocol or the Hank Raglan Adventures?

It is a trilogy for sure. That is beyond a question. After all, I have drafted parts of the second and third book. These books are necessary to wrap up the whole story arc. Anyone, and I hope that becomes more than a few, that will read the fist book, The Midas Protocol, will see that the first book is more of an origin story for my hero Hank Raglan.

The second book takes places ten years later and the final book in more contemporary times. Those three stories are the canon. However, there is certainly room for anthology installments. One of my main characters, right behind Hank Raglan, is Caroline Friday in the first book. She should easily have a side book of her own. I also see that in Hank Raglan’s formative years between escaping from the caves of Baghdad in the early 2000s and his ultimate confrontation with Vanterpool and returning the Gold Box to its rightful owner, The Watcher, that he too could have a few side adventures.

I think of the X-files and the “Monster of the week” installments. So, we have a required trilogy and possibly standalone side stories. Now, then what to call these series? I think I could call it The Midas Protocol series , Hank Raglan novels, or maybe soemthing else like the Gold Box series.

I have also noticed that a software company dealing in cryptocurrency calls its digital wallet Midas Protocol. I don’t think I have any issue using the name in a book title, but the more I read, the more it is clear that while book titles are not typically open to copyright and trademarks, a series title most certainly is, especially as it becomes a brand. So Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones are all protected. Likewise, I have to think of the branding angle should the series take off, which it will because well, it is damn good.

These are the questions I am thinking about. What to name the series? I am open to suggestions.