The Mother of All Timelines: The Midas Protocol - Book 1

By Matt De Reno

To better understand the chapter excerpts and how they fit into the story, or if you are just curious about the plot in general, I encourage you to download The Midas Protocol timeline and reader experience guide. To do so, click the button...  

About The Timeline

The Midas Protocol Timeline. Click the image or button above to download the timeline as a PDF.

The Midas Protocol Timeline. Click the image or button above to download the timeline as a PDF.

The Midas Protocol involves three major plot lines that intersect at various points along the way and ultimately come together at the end. I have classified these plot lines along the following swim lanes:

  • UFOs - This plot line mostly concerns Lawrence Bingham's otherworldly invention, The Gold Box, it's whereabouts and it's where-not-abouts. This thread also sheds light on the Majestic 12, the clandestine U.S. government group charged with safeguarding the secret of alien life and extraterrestrial technology.

  • Love Triangles - Our reluctant hero's main plot line. In it, we follow the travails of Hank Raglan and his rise to prominence through the ranks at Unalco. We also participate in his rivalry with Jack Barons and their mutual quest to win the hand of the lovely Addison Moore. Of course Hank soon learns that all that glitters is not gold.

  • Caroline's Investigation - Hey, she wants to do something with her life. So she enrolls in college and becomes part of an investigative reporting team where they just so happen to reexamine evidence that convicted Rusty Gibb and Mark Doverspike of first degree murder for the death of Lawrence and Eva Bingham. Caroline soon begins to learn some unbelievable truths about what really happened the night Lawrence Bingham was murdered.

Characters are users in my story. They have a distinct journey. They have different pain points and goals. In a rather fun twist on my daily occupation of optimizing the user experience for customers, The Midas Protocol permits me make the user experiences as difficult as possible—for the characters at least! For the reader, however, I would like things to be as a clear as day. If you start at the upper most left square of the timeline, you can follow the arrows to see where the chapter excerpts fit into the big picture. It is my hope this is a story you will not only follow to the end, but soon read in its entirety.