The Midas Protocol "Secret Knowledge" Network


As an a fiction writer, it dawned on me I needed a better conceptualization of how knowledge is represented in my novel The Midas Protocol. The conceptualization I wanted to have is intended to present to me a quick view of who knew what and who knew who, so when I am focusing on developing a fictional character, I can quickly see how they fit into the big picture of The Midas Protocol. 

Of course a chapter summary mapped to a time line provides much of that insight to a fiction author. However, I felt I needed all of the insight, at one glance. I wanted to see the entirety of the story as a whole, not as it evolved, unfolded, or unhinged. I desired to to see a projection of the whole. Therefore, I modeled the knowledge that underpins The Midas Protocol as a dynamic network. Towards those ends, I am using a trial version of a network analysis tool available from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh called ORA

What is most interesting to me about this visualization of the secret knowledge network is that you can follow from one character link to the next character link and attempt to deduce what is really happening in The Midas Protocol. Of course, much of this secret knowledge comes perilously close to serving as spoilers for my story. I am aware of that. But, still, no better way to understand the plot than to read it, see it, and live it. 

Curious what other fiction writers are using to conceptualize plot elements. What visuals help other fiction writers? Yes, I suppose I am asking for your secret knowledge.