Champions Of Your Digital Realm

Your audience craves stories that inform, explain, enlighten and move them to complete their own unique adventures. They have a constant insatiable appetite for consuming compelling content that engage them whether behind a desk or on the go. You need a continuous stream of professionally produced content to stay relevant and the knowledge to manage your customer’s journey. The task of planning, creating, reviewing, delivering and measuring the impact of your digital content can seem daunting to some, but to others – it makes them feel like knights on a noble quest. Consider Matt De Reno and Tim O’Carroll your knights – the champions of your digital realm—at your service! 

Matthew J. De Reno

Writer, Managing Partner

Content marketing, CMS and technical writing consultant with over 15+ years working for a variety of Fortune 500 companies including IBM, FedEx, and Alcoa. Matt founded Scratch Writing in 2009 and has designed and administered websites and developed content for elected officials, community websites, energy associations and a city government.


Tim O’Carroll

writer, Partner

Instructional design and technical writing consultant with more than 15-years of experience working in a variety of roles on SAP and IT projects in the corporate, governmental, and non-profit sectors in the U.S., Europe and New Zealand.